Kai-Uwe Völkening, VP System Sales, Hytera Mobilfunk Germany

As Engineer in RF and Communications Technology Kai-Uwe has more than 20 years of experience in mobile communications. He was employed in Ericsson and Vodafone and since 2007 he is in Hytera Mobilfunk Germany (Formerly Rohde & Schwarz PMR). On the position of Vice President System Sales he works on various systems such as TETRA, DMR, Broadband and other PMR solutions in projects for Public Safety, Industry and Operators.

The future of Mission Critical Communication in Broadband – The potential of hybrid solutions

  • From broadcast to PMR
  • Innovation of PMR broadband
  • Convergence of broadband and narrowband technologies in radio communications
  • Potential for public safety, authority and operator

Marin Curavić, Products & Solutions Implementations Specialist, GDi

Marin Curavić was born in Šibenik, Croatia in 1976 where he has finished technical high school education. After graduating at the Faculty of Transport Sciences at the Airtraffic department he has started his career in Croatian Railways infrastructure management company as a system engineer in 2003. Leading a small group of system engineers 2007th was a turning point for his interest toward Project Management. With gained experience of planning projects like WiFi in trains, DWH and BI, Fleet and Resource management/Real-time tracking and implementing five new sales channels in parallel he has decided in 2017 to continue his career in GDi.

Along with GDi team working on development and implementations of Fisheries management, Smart City or Fleet management IoT based solutions for various customers and experiencing a high impact of GDi solutions on their efficiency presents great challenge and responsibility worthy to share on this conference.

Using critical communications networks for commercial IoT applications

Direct integration of physical objects, vehicles, devices and assets is becoming a mission critical enabler of digital transformation in many public and commercial organizations. Increasing number of connected devices collect, process and submit various data such as GPS location, status, consumption or temperature which is used to automate business processes such as maintenance of the assets, monitoring of movement, regulatory compliance and remote inspection. Using critical communication networks infrastructure to sense and control remote devices is an opportunity to create new business models and provide IoT applications to drive new sources of revenues. This presentation is going to demonstrate the real-world examples of integration of various sensors and applications working seamlessly over the critical communication networks. GDi is a technology focused software company with proven experience in IoT, M2M and connected devices implementations in industries such as telecom, utilities and energy, transportation, government and management and protection of natural resources.

Stipe Pletikosić, Telecommunication Expert, Transmitters and Communications Ltd. (OiV)

Stipe has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Telecommunications transmission. Currently in OiV, he is at the position of Telecommunication Expert within the Radio and Transmission Networks Development Sector. Worked on planning, design and implementation of microwave and DWDM Transmission systems. Now he is working on the project for Forest fire video monitoring and surveillance with early fire detection.

Ljiljana Šerić, Assistant professor, University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB)

Ljiljana Šerić is Assistant professor at University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. She received her PhD in electrical engineering and computer science in 2010. She is a member of Department for Modelling and Intelligent Systems and Centre for wildfire research. Her research interests are focused on artificial intelligence and web and distributed information systems

Forest fire video surveillance and monitoring with early fire detection: system design and implementation

Forest fire video monitoring and surveillance has been recognized as useful tool for damage prevention and early fire detection in forest fire management. Video sensor located in the area that would otherwise be difficult to access provides video information about the state of the surveilled forest. This paper presents the architecture and deployment of Intelligent forest fire video monitoring and surveillance system installed in coastal area of Croatia. The system performs continuous monitoring of the surrounding area in search for signs of fire and smoke, and provides commanding officers with information on the severity and spread of fire. Sensors are located on existing communication infrastructure, which guarantees good area coverage and ensures existence of electrical power and communication for video cameras as well. Video signal processing takes place in data centre and resulting signal is continuously transferred to responsible firefighting operations centre, and, if needed, to other authorized stakeholders providing them video information from the field.

Mario Klarić, Assistant of the Chairman of the Board for Development Affairs, Dalekovod JSC

He took M. Sc. Degree on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb in 2006. In Dalekovod JSC he has been employed since 2005, and since 2015 he is Assistant of the Chairman of the Board for Development Affairs. He is a member of the Chamber of Certified Engineers of Electrical Engineering and he has completed a MBA degree in Finance Management and passed the exam for PMP Project Manager.

Ante Žižak, Project Manager, Dalekovod JSC

He took M. Sc. Degree on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb in 2010. In Dalekovod JSC he has been employed since 2001 and has mainly worked on EE distribution and motorway equipment. He has led the construction of numerous antenna poles for various customers. He is a member of the Chamber of Certified Electrical Engineers and has passed the IPMA Project Management exam.

Experiences and opportunities in building antenna poles

The first part of the presentation will show a brief history and the Dalekovod Group’s work area, depicting major events in the 70-year tradition and global activity. The emphasis will be on the experience of building antenna masts. In the second part will be presented a new possibility of monitoring the separated infrastructure objects via mobile applications.

Goran Premec, IT solution specialist, RITTAL d.o.o.

Goran Premec was born and grow up in Zagreb where he completed a specialist study in Information Systems. Working since 2001 in IT sector, he specialized in IT infrastructures: first, the active IT layer of IT infrastructures, and in recent years the physical layer of IT infrastructure.

Rittal – Physical IT Protection

Presentation about security solutions with an emphasis on electromagnetic protection.

Yuri Silva Durco, Manager Sales & Marketing, SPINNER GmbH

Yuri Durco graduated in telecommunications engineering and he is a Sales and Product Manager at SPINNER GmbH since 2011.

Containers for Broadcast applications

The presentation shows the possible applications, requirements and types of containers used in Broadcast sites.

Alojzije Jukić, CEO and President of the board, Comping

Alojzije Jukić is the general manager in Comping with full business responsibility who creates and develops business strategy and plans. He provides definitions of growth initiatives including M&A strategies and plans, as well as manages and controls revenue and profit increasing strategy. In his rich business experience, Mr. Jukić achieved operational performance excellence, and successfully applied various business competencies and knowledge to complex challenges. Prior to his engagement in Comping, he had been a member of Hewlett Packard management team responsible for the regional market.

UNB: the Sigfox global answer to IoT connectivity in SRD spectrum!

IoT connectivity has some unique challenges.

Sigfox is a global system for IoT connectivity and it is fully compliant with: EN 300-220 annex 1, in Europe.

Sigfox is using UNB for Uplink and Downlink transmission. It offers High capacity for the IoT market and coexists with other SRD systems.

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