Bernie O’Neill, Project Director, WorldDAB

As Project Director of WorldDAB, Bernie and her team are responsible for the international promotion of DAB+ digital radio, bringing together radio industry professionals and providing the knowledge and expertise that helps countries successfully adopt and implement broadcast digital radio. WorldDAB members are located in 29 countries, forming a network of 1,300 digital radio professionals working to deploy DAB+ digital radio. WorldDAB works with policymakers, regulators and industry players, including public and private broadcasters, network operators, device manufacturers, retailers and automotive manufacturers. Bernie has a degree in business administration, a background in international industry forum management and has worked in the international digital radio sector since 2011.

DAB digital radio – a platform for Europe

DAB radio is making important advances across Europe. The most advanced markets are switching off FM – Norway in 2017, and then Switzerland from 2020. There is continued progress in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Denmark, and there are new developments also in Croatia, Belgium, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Greece.

Ole Jørgen Torvmark, CEO, Digital Radio Norway

Ole Jørgen Torvmark has since 2010 been the CEO of Digital Radio Norway, the company which has led Norway to become the first country in the world to conduct a DSO. Torvmark has had a key role in the collaboration between commercial and public broadcasters and between the broadcasters, politicians and trade. Digital Radio Norway is a limited company owned by the Norwegian radio industry and represent all three national radio broadcasters; NRK, P4 and Bauer Media. Digital Radio Norway has the overall responsibility for information activities related to the digitization of radio.

How shutting down FM made radio fit for the future

In his presentation Ole Jørgen will focus on the story of Norwegian radios digital switchover. The background, why and how it was conducted, and the results, so far.

René Wehrlin, Project Manager, Digitisation and Convergence, Federal Office of Communications, Switzerland

René has been active in journalism and media since his youth. He worked for various newspapers, as well as in radio and television. After completing his master’s degree (history, political sciences, economics and journalism) he switched to the federal administration. At OFCOM he has worked on the digitisation of broadcasting since 1997. This includes the phase-out of analogue cable television, the regulation of HbbTV and the introduction of DAB+. In this context, he coordinates the work of the radio industry, which is seeking to switch off FM broadcasting.

Preparing for digital migration – Strategies for the FM switch-off, the Swiss approach

In Switzerland, with its 3.5 million households, about 3.5 million DAB+ devices are sold; more than 1 million vehicles now have DAB+ reception, 24 multiplexes are in operation, with a DAB+ coverage of 90 to 99 per cent, and we have more than 60 percent of digital listeners. So digital radio broadcasting has already achieved an important breakthrough. Going back is no longer an option.

Accordingly, three years ago, all FM stations committed themselves firmly to the migration – at the end of 2024 at the latest.

What’s wrong with FM? What are the reasons for this switch-over? What is the role of the regulator? How can he support and promote this project? Which actions have to be taken, to ensure the success of this migration? What is the schedule? And why DAB+? And why not IP? Or do they even suit each other?

Bruno Cigrovski, Radiocommunications Senior Expert, Transmitters and Communications Ltd. (OiV)

Bruno has a long experience in the field of radiocommunications and currently in OiV he is at the position of Radiocommunications Senior Expert within the Radio and Transmission Networks Development Sector. Worked on planning and design of analogue and digital broadcasting networks and now working on the project for the introduction of digital terrestrial radio in Croatia.

Croatian DAB+ trial – OiV’s experience

Introduction of digital DAB+ radio in Croatia from the perspective of a network operator. Description of trial development, project milestones and marketing activities. Content, network coverage and costs, description of conducted tests and measurements.
OiV’s experience with the trial in general, lessons learned and future activities.

Mirko Panzica, Area Sales Manager – Europe, Elenos S.r.l.

Mirko Panzica has been working on the broadcasting field since 1998 as a Product and Project Manager for radio and digital TV application such as development of new FM Transmitter up to 10KW, N+1 system for radio and TV networks, DTV transmitter. From January 2017 he works in ELENOS-ITELCO Broadcast, Italian manufacturer of radio and TV transmitters. His mission is to promote ELENOS-ITELCO Broadcast as a technical partner for all the European networks – RADIO-DAB-DTV.

ELENOS-ITELCO: World Broadcast Experience – Transmitters and Service Solution.

The first part of the presentation will be a short introduction with actual figures about ELENOS-ITELCO company. The main part will give an overview of the product range with the focus of DAB+ products. Finally, a fast overview how ELENOS-ITELCO reply to the broadcasting evolution, such as new solution for Remote Control and APP for Radio trough the WEB, will be presented.

Magnus Wiberg, Technical Area Sales Manager, Exir Broadcasting AB Sweden

Magnus graduated from Chalmers institute of Technology and after a couple of years at Uppsala University at the department of Material Science, he joined Teracom AB in 1994 at the R&D department. Here he was involved in the first test and set up DVB-T networks in Sweden, having operational SFN-networks as a major milestone. The work also included general frequency planning of the whole range, from plans for DVB-T in UHF and VHF band III to the current operational operation short wave service of Radio Sweden. During the time at the R&D department of Teracom Magnus participated in the EU-projects Motivate as well as Validate.

After a time at ProTelevison in Denmark, Magnus joined Exir Broadcasting AB and have in the recent years been Technical Area Sales Manager.

DAB in Scandinavia, focus of equipment

Presentation of DAB status in Scandinavia from the viewpoint of equipment manufacturer Exir Broadcasting AB.

Clément Lepedem, Sales Engineer and Project Manager, PLISCH GmbH

Mr Clément Lepedem is Sales Engineer and Project Manager in Broadcasting Technologies with over 15 years working by PLISCH GmbH.


  • Plisch leader on Broadcast equipment
  • Over 60 years’ experience on TV
  • Over 18 years working on DAB / DMB, DVB-T/T2
  • DAB roll out in Switzerland
  • Complete chain development for DAB (Content Server and Monitoring receiver MON 5300)

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