Playout Services

For content owners to launch TV channels quickly and effectively and distribute them to end customers.

Interactive TV Wholesale Services

For operators to serve Cable, DSL, FTTH, Internet and Mobile customers with fully featured linear and non-linear services within weeks and without investment.

The Terrestrial Broadcast Services

We provide transmission for all national and most regional Croatian TV and radio broadcasters using analogue and digital (DVB-T/T2) transmissions.

Satellite Services

Include turnaround, scrambling and transmission for almost every satellite over Europe.

Capacity Services

On fibre and microwave networks we can enable connection to virtually any point in Croatia and to major POPs around the world.

Wireless Access

Complete wireless network solutions including sites, backhaul and professional services.

Through its work Transmitters and Communications Ltd. is obliged to carry out functions and perform duties partly regulated by laws, at the same time offering the highest possible satisfaction to its end users, business partners, staff and all other parties concerned. Meeting the requirements of our users and their full satisfaction are the highest values looked for by us.

To get a better picture of what and how exactly Transmitters and Communications work, you can see in this videos: